Hexagonal floral design.

This floral pattern is very popular in the Middle East/ Central Asia. It was developed in the medieval times of the and centuries. The patterns are taken from nature and would make a great item for decorating your wall.

İznik Çini

An Ottoman Iznik Style Floral Design Pottery Polychrome, By Adam Asar, No 36 - Round Beach Towel

Dish Turkey, Iznik. Second qurter of 16th century Faience; underglaze painting. Diam. 38 cm Source of Entry: First Branch of the State Hermitage Museum(former Museum of the Stieglitz School). 1925 The State Hermitage Museum

Dish Turkey, Second qurter of century Title: Dish Place of creation: Turkey Date: Second qurter of century School: Iznik Material: faience

Iznik tile ,Turkey16 th C

A Polychrome Iznik Tile with Interlacing Split Palmettes, Turkey, Century - Sothebys

Tile ca. 1525-50 Iznik, Turkey

Tile ca. Ottoman period Stone-paste painted under glaze H: W: D: cm Iznik, Turkey. Arts of the Islamic World