Christian Crafts

Christian craft projects to enhance our faith, love others by making gifts or things for the needy, and celebrating Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
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the christmas crafts for kids star of bethlehem movement are made out of cardboard and ribbon
Christmas Star of Bethlehem Ornament (DIY Clothespin Craft)
The Star of Bethlehem Christian Christmas Craft Tutorial
the words 10 christian craft ideas for adults on top of pictures of crafts and other items
10 Christian Craft Ideas for Adults
Looking for some great crafts to celebrate and share your faith? Check out these Christian craft ideas for adults!
how to make a nativity scene shadow box with the text, how to make a nativity scene shadow box
How to Make a Nativity Scene Shadow Box
Let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, with this DIY nativity shadow box project! All you need is a shadow box, a nativity image, and some colorful paper and other items to decorate it with.
the top ten christian crafts for kids
10 Christian Crafts for Kids
Looking for Christian crafts for kids, that will help them learn about God’s Word? Check out these awesome ideas!
the words 10 christian craft ideas for adults on top of an image of a cross
10 Christian Crafts for Adults
Some of these Christian crafts for adults are super-easy, and don’t require any additional supplies other than what comes with the kit. And others are a bit more advanced and give you more creative freedom!
a cross made out of coins sitting on top of a blue wooden floor with one coin in the middle
Paid in Full Christian Coin Craft
This is a craft that helps children understand Christ’s love for them, and how he has paid for their sins through his death. The coin cross is symbolic of our sins being “paid” for through the cross, a beautiful message for children to learn and embrace. #craft #christian #religion #homeschool #sundayschool
the words 5 awesome christian valentine crafts on top of a wooden table with sewing supplies
5 Awesome Christian Valentine Crafts
When it comes to making Valentine cards, gifts, and décor, our goal as Christians should be to make things that share the love of Christ with others. Here are five great Christian Valentine crafts that do just that!
the valentine's day finger puzzle with bible verses is shown in three different pictures
"Love Is" Printable Finger Puzzle
Are you looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft that will remind your children or your Sunday school class of God’s love? Are you looking for a Valentine’s craft that would be appealing to both boys and girls? Do you need a simple project for home or class room use? If so, this Valentine’s Day […]
conversation hearts with words written on them sitting on a wooden table in front of the caption that says, salt dough signature valentines
Salt Dough Scripture Valentines - This Pilgrim Life
Salt Dough Scripture Valentines
the free printable valentine's day card with flowers and hearts for each member
Free Printable Christian Valentines - Sarah E. Frazer
the top five ideas for craft paper storage
5 Ideas for Craft Paper Storage & Organization
So, what IS the best way to organize craft paper? It really depends on your craft setup, how much space you have available, and your budget. These five great paper storage ideas offer a wide range of different options…
the words fun projects to make with ceramic and glass tiles are shown in front of a pink background
2 Creative Tile Craft Project Ideas
Lately, I’ve seen some really cool ideas for tile art projects, so I decided to pick up a few tiles at Lowe’s and get crafting! It turns out that tiles can be very beautiful, and actually pretty cheap too.