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a man with a beard wearing a suit and tie
an old man standing in front of a house with a quote from shakespeare's hamlet
Eğer bitmiş bir şey sana acı veriyorsa, duyduğun... - I wonder.. a lot...
a black and white photo of a man in a suit
an image of a boat in the ocean with a quote on it that says, cerabinn sidettenen susyyrorn
three people jumping off a bridge into the water with clouds in the sky behind them
Efsane Sözler
the word kann is written in black on a white background with an orange border
the words opia are written in black and white
a pier with the sun setting in the background and a quote written on it that says,
an open book with the words vaggeince but wagenwenner written on it
Vesselâm..: Fotoğraf
there is a mountain with trees and clouds in the background
the rain is falling down and it looks like they have just come out of the water
rain drops on the window with an image of power lines in the background
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a candle that is lit in the dark with words written on it and an image of a