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I would take the chance of meeting BTS and recognize them for their incredibly insane talent ❤️ << yeah but if pretend you aren't a fan you can still do that but have a higher chance of meeting them XD


Does SM keep filling Suho's credit card or what! Where the hell does he get all that money from

Attack On EXO (Chanyeol!!!!!!) My little heart has burst, I can't take the fangirlisms...

Attack On EXO (is Sehun Levi?) My little heart has burst, I can't take the fangirlisms. // I have to put it under random stuff because it's a crossover of anime and reality.

#BTS BEGINS #Suga <3

BTS has released a set of teaser images for their upcoming BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS BEGINS'!For their second concert, the boys to…