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I would take the chance of meeting BTS and recognize them for their incredibly insane talent ❤️ << yeah but if pretend you aren't a fan you can still do that but have a higher chance of meeting them XD


Thats why he has that bat with spikes. To take his card back :)))))))))))))

Attack On EXO (Chanyeol!!!!!!) My little heart has burst, I can't take the fangirlisms...

Attack On EXO (is Sehun Levi?) My little heart has burst, I can't take the fangirlisms.------->>>>> If they really were in the Survey Corps I would be signing up right this second

#BTS BEGINS #Suga <3

BTS has released a set of teaser images for their upcoming BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS BEGINS'!For their second concert, the boys to…

Big Bang - Made Series E 2015

If you going to ask my most like k-groups! No other than big bang OwO. I really know what's Inside xD ohh the package they have been lol😍😭 (Lovertwink)