Watch video to learn how to knit the Daisy stitch. For written instructions, visit link: If y...

Watch this video to learn how to knit the Wicker stitch (aka Criss-cross stitch). This stitch is kind of like a hybrid between a cross stitch and a 2 stitch .

Chinese Waves stitch - YouTube

A video on how to knit the Chinese Waves stitch. - For full written instructions, please visit link:  

Tunisian Crochet - Fill monochrome (IN GERMAN - If you are familiar with Tunisian Crochet you can watch this video to learn this stitch... The video is very good... Deb)

"Tunesisch Häkeln - Füllstich einfarbig" This isn't English, but it really doesn't need to be, you can get it from just watching.

Видео, как связать узор спицами

Dense pattern spokes There is a detailed description of the scheme and pattern. Rapport pattern 3 loops wide and 2 rows in height.

Videolu Zikzak Örgü Modeli Yapılışı -

Videolu Zikzak Örgü Modeli YapılışıВидео презентация (анонс ) Частей 14, 15 и 16

Download video: Как связать плавную линию проймы без ступенек