Islamic tile design. Spain. I like how eight stars in the center make a square.

This is an example of the Islamic tiling tradition. I feel this would inspire Emily because she talked about this type of art in the play. She says this is submission to the formal language, and doorway to freedom.

The walls:the finish/the colour/the nook/the tile

Turquoise Concrete shower with mosaic tile. Hacienda Home Shower. Old world style shower with hand painted tile accent.

Arabic Calligraphy Painting. "And He is with you"

This looks like something that Emily may create. She is interested in islamic culture, as stated before. Along with this, the painting shown has a nice touch of modern art mixed with ancient islamic art.

Art of Islamic calligraphy.

Art of Islamic Calligraphy - Traditional Ottoman Designs, Redesigned by Turk Artists.

Hülya Aziz-Kız Kulesinde Laleler, 2012. #maidenstower #kizkulesi #minyatur #miniature #tezhip #illumination #hulyaaziz #tulips #art

Illumination and Miniature - Tulips in the Maiden Tower, St.

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