Istanbul Beyoglu

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Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey

Basilica cistern - Istanbul, Turkey - From National Geographic's Best Spring Trips 2012

Istanbul Hagia Sophia Interior

The interior of the Church, then mosque, now museum, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.


The Famous Ortakoy Mosque which sits under the Bosphorus Bridge. The Ortakoy Pier is also a lovely area with little street markets and tea shops. Lovely place to be on a sunny afternoon.


Karakoy, the Modern Name for the Ancient Galata, is a Commercial Neighborhood in the Beyoglu District of Istanbul, Turkey, located at the Northern Part of the Golden Horn Mouth on the European Side of Bosphorus.

Bogazici Bridge

İstanbul is a must-see city in Turkey, and it is full of places to visit and things to do both day and night. İstanbul is a hot place and we are not only talking about weather. İstanbul is a city that never sleeps and it’s always full of energy.

European Side

Istanbul - properties for sale and rent in Turkey - Istanbul real estate

erguvan (cercis sliquastrum)

Istanbul's (only Istanbul) flowers:Redbud or Judas Tree is called in Turkish: Erguvan.


Must try hot steam, soapy bath, and wonderful massage at a Hamam (Turkish Bath) in Istanbul, Turkey


A view from Golden Horn. In the front, Rüştem Pasha mosque. Also a work of architect SİNAN.