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From One Pair Of Faux Silk Fully Lined Eyelet Curtains 46 X 72 Approx Foil Print Cream With Black Grey And Silver

Портьеры - "Итальянская пола" | Выкройки для штор


Портьеры - "Итальянская пола" | Выкройки для штор

banded curtain

use two sets of too short curtains, sew them into a banded set that are the right length!

Goblet pleat with buttons Check out what happens with plaids and stripes. Each pleat can not look the same. It doesn't look bad. However, if you know you have to have everything look a like, pick a different fabric! Then you will be happy with the end results!

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Perde https://www.eperde.com

Not sure how to attach to Vashon door window, but lace curtains would be great for privacy/daylight.