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an elf is holding a sign that says, oh no i've been touched
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an elf is sitting in a cup with marshmallows and candy canes
Elf ideas
an elf is sitting in the back of a suitcase filled with snacks, candy and condiments
two elfs are in the microwave with popcorn
Christmas Archives
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and light fixture hanging from it's ceiling
the elf is hanging from the ceiling in the house
the door is decorated with christmas decorations and elf's hands on top of it
Elf Climbing Wall!
two pictures side by side with red cups on the floor and a sign that says good morning vinyl shade can you find me? hint i'm hiding under a red cup
an elf sitting on top of a blue box filled with candy
31 Silly Funny and Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas -
a glass jar with an elf on it next to a sign that says dad faced i'm hiding from the smell it's safe in here
dad farted
an elf hanging from a christmas tree
an elf is sitting on top of a cookie box and holding a sign that says do you want to make some cookies