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Honestly he made the football uniform and baseball cap look not as bad as the rest haha. They are too skinny and cute

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Baekhyun ‘Help yourself’ Luhan *Starts talking bullshit just to avoid that kind of situation" Kai *Bites his lip in case you proposed something like that* Sehun *I am not here mode* Tao 'Quite.

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Kai's reaction to you agreeing to go out on a date with him;


Kai casually just strolling into my bias list and wrecking it.

Taemin (SHINee) & Kai (EXO).  Neither of these two are particularly into "skinship" (except with D.O. on Kai's side).  The only other person I've seen Taemin purposefully make physical contact with is Onew, & occasionally Minho, though he doesn't seem to instigate it with Minho quite so often.  So it's quite lovely that he has someone his own age that he feels comfortable engaging in physical affection with.  And that Jongin  does too.

linnhe: “ dazzlingkai: “ Taekai being comfortable around each other (◕‿◕✿) ” is so squirrely with most people when it comes to physical affection is one of the few people he can touch.

can i just u know somehow steal him...and then ill photocopy him and give to u girls (but keep jonginnie with with me) mwahahahahahah  :)

Jongin 's beautiful smile Gif ♥♥ in love with his smiling face ♥

{gif} SWEATHEART Kai !  - Kai praying before SHINee was announced artist of the year - Exo

{gif} Kai praying before SHINee was announced artist of the year.right before he started crying.that was a very touching moment - Exo