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Just a boxwood giraffe topiary...

Giraffe topiary by Topiary Designs in Suffolk, England. Some of the bigger works can take up to three years to complete. Steve and Jackie Manning work as a team to create the topiary animals. - photo by Masons News Service

Ben Infield takes a look at the art of topiary and some of the quirkier garden creations around.

A topiary giraffe topiary in the village of Boughton Lees near Ashford, Kent, November

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Giant Living Sculptures at Atlanta Botanical Gardens - My Modern Metropolis "The largest living plant sculpture exhibition ever displayed in the United States! It ended in October Atlanta Botanical Garden Imaginary Worlds, a New Kingdom of Plant Giants.

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Welcome to Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal an international mosaiculture competition, an exhibition of horticultural art.

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*I want this in my front yard!

The San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden's 5 acres contain sculptures and structures influenced by Buddhist and Shinto religious beliefs, as well as many elements of water and rocks to create a calming landscape designed to slow people down. The offical website for more info:

The San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden's 5 acres contain sculptures and…

Top 20 topiaries in garden art

Mosaiculture "gardener" is planting a tree, Montreal, Canada. Mosaiculture: the art of sculpturing plants.


~~ Caterpillar ~~ makes me smile - Plant Sculpture Topiary Art Garden


"The Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal" is a beautiful exhibition of elaborate sculptures made of living plants currently exposed at the Montreal Botanical

Rana sorprendentes Topiarios

Rana sorprendentes Topiarios