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a bathroom with an egyptian theme and gold fixtures on the walls, toilet seat up
Embracing History: Egyptian Interior Inspirations
Interior design - Egypt Décor, Modern Interior, Deco, Decor, Egypt Design, Moroccan Design
Interior design - Egypt
Interior design - Egypt
a drawing of a floor plan with markers and pencils
§130.55. Interior Design I (One Credit) (c) Knowledge and skills. (16) The student applies the concepts and skills of the industry to simulated work situations. The student is expected to: (F) print and plot architectural interior drawings for presentation.
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a stair case on the wall
a person holding up a plan for a house in the middle of a room with lots of windows
Interior design
Rendering a window using markers.
two drawings of kitchen and living room plans
an architectural drawing of a house with blue doors and windows