There are guides to translate Japanese crochet terms in my CROCHET: CHARTS, etc board. I might get ambitious one day and try to translate it myself, but I can't promise anything!

bonjour, Wonderful - faire des poupées minuscules dans BOITES dormant peu

for the little ones Esther Álvarez. Mini dolls in matchboxes – cute idea for Christmas elf place-holders!

Cute Crochet Amigurumi Miniature Animals

Each of these animals is handcrafted with love by Etsy seller Su Ami. She doesn't just create dogs, but whales, elephants, and all sorts of animals. Check out some of her work below, or go directly to her Etsy shop here.

Crochet Comfy Cotton Shorts Free Pattern - Crochet Summer Shorts & Pants Free Patterns

Crochet Summer Shorts & Pants Free Patterns Adult Size