Türkiyenin Posterleri / Posters of TURKEY Project By Emrah YUCEL

The Posters in this project, all of them are free to share, publish. More about Iconisus and Emrah YUCEL and his team, visit http://www.turkiyeposterleri.com/ & http://www.iconisus.com/ & http://www.emrahyucel.com/
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Posters of TURKEY By Emrah YUCEL

Turkey Posters is a social responsibility project designed by Iconisus Advertising Agency in Los Angeles. Its goal is to contribute to the efforts of creating a powerful brand identity for Turkey.

Posters of TURKEY By Emrah YUCEL

Emrah Yucel an award-winning designer of feature film and television posters has designed a collection of his vintage style Turkey tourism posters.