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several different pictures of hands and plates with flowers on them
Life Casting Starter Kit
Life Casting Starter Kit ... LOVE this idea & it looks so easy to make!
a doll wearing a dress and hat with red flowers on it's head, in front of a dark background
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Popovy Sisters bjd resin mannequin with by ThatCreativeFeeling
a doll is standing next to a fake human and holding her hand out for the camera
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These resin mannequins are hand-made to help create your beautiful BJD doll clothes, wigs and jewelry. Collect a few so you have one for each costume, one for work in progress, one for pinning and one for wig making .. without having to touch your fragile resin or porcelain dolls in the process.
a statue is shown in front of a building with carvings on the outside and inside
Tomb of Rufina Cambaceres. Art Nouveau, work of Richard Aigner (1902). Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos Aires)
a glass sculpture is shown on a black stand with a blue background and white swirls in the center
Glass Sculpture
several different types of boats are shown in this graphic style, including one that is green and
The glass and concrete sculptures of artist Ben Young
four different types of rocks with green ribbons on them, all in different shapes and sizes
LittlePaperPlanes - Windows PC, Mobile, Financial and Technology Solutions
Born in Tokyo. Using stones and bricks with history and culture of the land, he creats the sculpture of the stones put in polished glasses. Coming and going from Japan to Dusseldorf, he is actively engaged in creating. Living in Dusseldorf. 1969 born in Tokyo, 1997 MFA in Sculpture, Tama Art University, 1999 Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf, 2003 Meisterschueler of Professor Daniel Buren. Artist’s name changed from “Ramon Todo” to “TODO"