The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Where east meets west. This bridge is one of the bridges in Istanbul which spans Bosphorus strait, connecting two continents, Europe and Asia... beautiful city ...

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The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey. The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, spanning the Bosphorus strait and thus connecting Europe and Asia. It is a gravity anchored suspension bridge with steel pylons and inclined hanger


Istanbul is the largest city in the Middle East and contains nearly active mosques. This is a list of three of the most amazing mosques in Istanbul.

Galata Tower, İstanbul, Turkey.

Galata Tower, built by the Genoese in before the Ottoman Conquest . Make sure to walk the district, very striking views of the Bosphorus thru narrow streets.

Awesome view of Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey - 13 Fascinating Places Spiced Up with Amazing Architecture

Ortaköy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

ORTAKOY MOSQUE : was built by (Armenian Architect) Nigogos BALYAN. in Baroque-style for Sultan Abdulmecit, between in Istanbul. Nigogos new desing was tried in This Mosque and Dolmabahce Mosque.

تركيا العظيمة :: #istanbul Turkey! >>>

تركيا العظيمة :: #istanbul Turkey! >>>

World's Best Restaurant Views: 360 Istanbul

Best Restaurant Views

At this impossibly sleek Beyoglu restaurant, South African–born chef Mike Norman’s global dishes—from Lebanese kibbe to delicious thin-crusted pizzas—are fun, but the scene and the views are the real reasons to come.