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several different types of paper flowers on a brown surface with white and pink ones in the middle
How to Make Crepe-Paper Flowers
there are three pictures showing how to use a brush on the floor and in front of it
someone is holding their fingers up to some plants in the water that are growing out of it
there are many pictures of different things made out of yarn
several pictures of grass being made with scissors and other things to make it look like they are
four different pictures show the process of making a tree stump with silver foil and scissors
split pea soup with carrots, potatoes and meat in a blue pot on a white table
Split Pea Soup
This Split Pea Soup recipe is easy to make with ham, potatoes, and carrots in a thick and flavorful broth. BONUS: It's Stove Top, Crock Pot, and Instant Pot friendly, and leftovers make a great freezer meal!
a can turned tree is sitting next to a realistic tree bark container that says, can turned tree how to make realistic tree bark
How To Make Realistic Tree Bark
a birdhouse made out of wood and rocks with a snake crawling in the roof
a small green house shaped like a leafy door with a hole in the center
Absinthe Fairy Door
a small house made out of rocks and stones with a crescent on the front, surrounded by purple flowers