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Tc Onur Özkardeş
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A stunning white and red halfmoon! Great fins on this guy! #betta #bettacommunity #aquatics #bettaboxx #halfmoonbetta

A stunning white and red halfmoon! Great fins on this guy!

The different styles / systems of Karate: Part-I, The earliest systems - Martial Arts Planet

My purpose to writing this article is due to my interest and fascination in the various diversity of styles and systems within Okinawan Karate ever.

Yüzmenin Teknik Kuralları

Yüzmenin Teknik Kuralları

DT Goku (male) Betta

Some interesting betta fish facts. Betta fish are small fresh water fish that are part of the Osphronemidae family. Betta fish come in about 65 species too!


Betta fish are often considered to be among the heartiest sort of fish one can purchase, but great betta fish care is essential to a long and happy life.

World's Smallest Aquarium

This is the world's smallest working aquarium, which holds just two tea spoons of water and measures just 30 mm. wide by 24 mm. high and 14 mm. deep, can be held in the palm of your hand. It is so small there is only room for these baby zebra fish.

Guppy colors

Guppies are one of the most beloved tropical fish with aquarists, mainly for their intricate colours and patterns and for how easy they are to breed.Guppies are also an excellent beginner's fish and very well suited to young aquarists.