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a poster with the words do you need vibrant mentor text to teach word choice?
DO YOU NEED VIBRANT MENTOR TEXT TO TEACH WORD CHOICE? Educational inspiration | School resources
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Helping Students with Anxious Moments | Social-Emotional Learning | Trauma-Based Teaching
Did you say anxious moments? So many times teachers and students alike experience stress in at school and home. Thankfully, there are proven ways to relax and stay calm. Read HELPING STUDENTS WITH ANXIOUS MOMENTS to start using them along with some rockin' Social-Emotional Learning Activities Today!
a woman with her hands on her head in front of a laptop and the words email etiquette for elementary students
Email Etiquette for Elementary Students
Now that school has moved online for the foreseeable future, it is important to teach students how to craft appropriate and effective e-mails. Unlike ‘snail mail’ letters, student e-mails arrive immediately. Plus, not having the benefit of being in class to see expressions, strategies used and emotions, it may be difficult to gauge a student’s specific need. They may also meander into unintended ideas, tones and lengths before ever getting to the point. Click to continue reading!
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5 tips to make TEACHING easier with google classroom!
Google Classroom is an awesome teaching tool that can help you deliver remote or in-person instruction effectively. The service is free, though there are various paid tiers and extras that hundreds of districts and private schools utilize. Regardless what tier you have, here are five tips to make teaching easier with Google Classroom!
Are you looking for ways to ROCK your writing instruction? You’ve found the right person to help! Pam knows what she is talking about when it comes to the writing process. Writing is her jam! Helping struggling writers shouldn’t feel like you’re missing the beat. Read this blog post to learn how to ROCK your writing instruction! Writing Coach, Writing Workshop, Writing Programs, Narrative Writing
How to Rock Your Writing Instruction | Rockin Resources
Are you looking for ways to ROCK your writing instruction? You’ve found the right person to help! Pam knows what she is talking about when it comes to the writing process. Writing is her jam! Helping struggling writers shouldn’t feel like you’re missing the beat. Read this blog post to learn how to ROCK your writing instruction!
a child using an ipad with the text getting started google classroom
Google Classroom: Getting Started - Peas in a Pod Lessons
Let’s talk Google Classroom! This tutorial teaches you how to use Google Slides, what you can do with it, and how to easily set it up. You can also set up a Google Classroom account from your personal gmail just to explore. My introduction will walk you through it step-by-step!
a collection of mentor texts ideal for teaching poetry elements by r blokeny
This collection of mentor poetry books provides the perfect toolbox to showcase how master poets capture imagination, wonder, humor, passion, struggle, and self-expression using the magic of their words.
an open book with the title 5 easy ways to teach academic vocabular for
You’ve made the important and necessary decision to spend some time on direct instruction for academic vocabulary. Making the decision is a no-brainer, but teaching it can be challenging. Are you in need of some easy ways to teach academic vocabulary for mastery? We’re happy to share five of our favorite ideas! Whether you’ve only got a few minutes to spare or you plan to spend a solid chunk of time on vocabulary, we’ve got you covered!
classroom organization with the words my favorite must haves for classroom organization on top and bottom
My Favorite Must-Haves for Classroom Organization
Organization plays an integral part in helping to keep busy classrooms on track with lesson plans, due dates, and life! If you’ve found yourself swimming in a pile of papers, losing your mind trying to find materials for lessons, or just becoming frustrated with your current classroom set up, then you’re in luck! Listed below is a collection of MY FAVORITE MUST-HAVES FOR CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION to ensure that your classroom runs like a well-oiled machine!
two hands holding a red knitted heart with the words principals - what you need to know about school morrale
Administrators, do you want your school rockin’? Take a moment to think about your school morale. Does it have a happy vibe? Kids make up the majority of your school, but how kids feel about being there depends on the climate and interaction of the people within the school. Teachers are the tone-setters who can make any class worth attending—or avoiding. If you want your school to be a joyous place, consider these tips for building school morale.
first year teaching teacher tips new teacher ideas Elementary Teacher, First Year Teaching, Teaching Lifestyle, Organized Teachers, First Year Teachers, Elementary Education, Becoming A Teacher
30+ Things I Wish I Knew My First Years of Teaching
I wish I knew half of these teaching tips, advice, and strategies as a new teacher. I fumbled A LOT and learned A LOT! Through my 26 years in the classroom, I learned so many things to make my job easier and my room more organized. Teachers love to share what works for them. I took everything in like a sponge and decided what worked for me or not. This is a collection of many things I did in my classroom and a few ideas sprinkled in from other teachers.
two children standing in front of a blackboard with the words how to offer different attention in the classroom
How to Offer Differentiation in the Classroom
Differentiation is a hot topic in the current teaching environment. Many teachers feel stressed at the thought of taking one lesson and creating several different ways to assess and deliver the material. Most teachers are determined to meet the diverse needs of their students, but they may struggle to streamline their differentiation. You will find suggestions on how to do the differentiation dance- the steps are always changing, but you can find the rhythm that works best for your students!
the long list of song lyrs for classroom management is shown in this poster
Long List of Song Lyrics For Classroom Management
Please enjoy several famous, fun, and familiar lyrics that can help with classroom management. They are divided into various categories, but you can certainly adapt or morph them to meet your own needs. Soon, we will provide additional blogs on using lyrics for friendship and conflict management. Feel free to connect with us to share your own successful uses of lyrics for classroom management!
someone is typing on their laptop with the caption saying, calling a sub has never been easier
Take the Stress Out of Calling a Sub! - Peas in a Pod Lessons
Sub plans template - Emergency substitute teacher ideas for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th grade students. You get common core aligned substitute lesson plans and editable printables. Perfect for your substitute binder! These printable worksheets make substitute plans a snap! My editable sub plans have lines to insert the lessons we are on. It also includes a file of activities with time blocks that a sub can easily teach. first second third fourth fifth sixth
an open book with the title step - by - step to effective poetry analsis
Step-by-Step to Effective Poetry Analysis
Are you looking for ways to help students analyze poetry effectively? This post will share step-by-step ideas to help your students with poetry analysis. When you are finished, they will be analyzing poetry like rock stars!