STEM Challenges and Projects

Teaching STEM and STEAM to kids can be hard work, not with these resources though! All are NO PREP using only basic classroom materials including elementary…
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Looking for an AMAZING STEM resource for middle school students?
Fun Christmas STEM Activities for Upper Elementary and Middle School
Do you have middle school students that you need to keep engaged with a Christmas STEM activity? This Re-design the North Pole STEM activity is simple and easy to set up, and encourages critical math and science thinking, with a focus on team building. This challenge has students designing and creating a mini version of the North Pole after a storm. They need to think creatively and critically to provide play spaces for elves of all ages, the reindeer, workshop spaces and more! View more...
Have fun and build teamwork with this Christmas STEM
Get all your Christmas STEM challenges to encourage team work this holiday season. Great for elementary and middle school •
a design the north pole poster with pencils and markers