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Poppy pattern by Justine Turner

Cool! With some clever, yet simple needle work, a little stuffing, and a pom-pom, you can take a simple knit/crochet square and turn it into a cute little bunny.

Knitted Bunnies

Ravelry: Chouette pattern by KatyTricot

Chouette pattern by Ekaterina Filippova-Blanchard

Ravelry: Chouette pattern by Ekaterina Blanchard if someone buys me this pattern, i'll knit you this hat!

(13) Одноклассники

(13) Одноклассники

Polar Bear Hat Knitting Pattern  #knit

A Knitted Polar Bear Hat! Easy appliquéd pieces turn this simple knit hat into a happy polar bear!


Cat scarf - pattern You will need: 300 g of gray and 100 g of white yarn, knitting needles № and buttons for eyes. Description of work: Dial on the spokes 80 p. 100 cm and knit stripes;