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Sena Cavalry Helmet

Sena's Cavalry Half Helmet combines smart wireless technology with the advantages of half helmets: better visibility and lighter weight.

iPhone 7 Alt Case

The popular Alt minimal iPhone case is now available for the iPhone The Alt Case is a great way to enhance your iPhone while protecting it. It´s a protecting case that´s also a mounting system which enables you to put it on a metal surface or your

CMRA Apple Watch Camera

CMRA is a new device that adds a camera to your Apple Watch band, and lets you snap pics from the wrist. The smart band attaches to your Apple Watch like a

The $249 Nightingale contains two speakers, and a choice of 15 difference noises it uses to create a 'blanket' over a bed to protect sleepers.

Cambridge Sound Management is raising funds for Nightingale - The First Smart Home Sleep System on Kickstarter! Nightingale is the first smart sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep better every night.

Chinese phonemaker Xaomi declares war on Apple and Samsung

Chinese smartphone firm Xiaomi has announced its first in-house designed chipset in a bid to take on Apple, Samsung and others by lowering prices, and gaining greater control over handset design.

LaFerrari Aperta - Ferrari 70 Year Anniversary

On March 12 Enzo Ferrari fired up the 125 S, the first car to bear his name.

Descubra como medir a velocidade da internet do seu celular

Descubra como medir a velocidade da internet do seu celular

Wordpress adds support for 360-degree photos and video to all its hosted blogs

Nearly 1 out of every 4 of the world's most dominant websites are housed on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a widely embraced content management syste

16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms

Your students probably already use these tools to write papers or create presentations, but they could be doing other projects you may not have thought of.