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an easy bunny cinnamon roll with frosting and strawberries
Easy Bunny Cinnamon Roll
This Easy Bunny Cinnamon Roll is the perfect breakfast treat for Easter! It’s incredibly cute, super fun, festive, and the whole family will love it. The best part is how simple and easy they are to make. You already have a lot going on for Easter, so simplify your morning with this awesome recipe!
a close up of some kind of dessert with chocolate and marshmallows in it
Mini Egg Cookie Cups
These delicious cookie cups are filled with chocolate ganache and decorated with mini eggs. Perfect for Easter!
a close up of a cake with frosting and sprinkles on it
Easter Cake Roll
Make this brightly colored, beautiful Easter Cake Roll for the holiday this Spring! Light and fluffy vanilla cake is rolled around sweet marshmallow buttercream and topped with cute marshmallow peeps – Everyone is going to love this Easter dessert.
sliced ham, pineapples and strawberries are arranged on top of each other
Slow Cooker Holiday Ham
Slow Cooker holiday Ham is made with just 4 simple ingredients and is moist & flavorful! This ham recipe is made with brown sugar, cloves & pineapple, which provides a wonderful sweet and tangy flavor.
two cupcakes with frosting and decorations in the shape of hearts
Easter Bunny Cupcakes
Our Easter Bunny Cupcakes are an easy Easter dessert recipe the family will love! Make these easy Easter cupcakes as a fun Easter treat!
there is a cake with yellow frosting and a small duck on top of it
Mini Lemon Curd Cheesecakes
Mini Lemon Curd Cheesecakes are the best dessert for Spring. These bite-size cheesecakes have a deliciously buttery and crumbly base, made using homemade digestive biscuits, with a thick and creamy vanilla cheesecake filling, swirled with fresh zesty lemon curd. They BURST with citrus!
a cake with sprinkles and white frosting on it's side
Easter Cake Roll
This beautiful Easter Roll Cake is perfect to make for your Easter dessert table, but it is also just great for any Springtime gathering! It's easy to make and perfect for your family and guests.
a close up of a cake with frosting and sprinkles on it
Easter Cake Roll
the cake is decorated with green frosting and peeps pokes in the middle
Easter Poke Cake - decorated with Peeps Bunny marshmallows - fun Easter dessert!
a chocolate cake with frosting and sprinkles on it's surface
Cadbury Creme Egg Cookies
a close up of a piece of cake with sprinkles and frosting
Easter Swirl Bundt Cake
Make this easy Easter Swirl Bundt Cake for a delicious Easter dessert your family and friends will love. Not only is it so simple to make, thanks to the boxed cake mix, but it couldn’t be prettier!
there are many decorated cookies with sprinkles on them
Homemade Easter Candy
some kind of cake with sprinkles and candy on it's side
Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes
a cupcake decorated with rice and black olives in the shape of a bird
Lemon Coconut Chick Cupcakes