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Adapt for interactive notebook- put words for hour/minute word on the one below to practice telling time.

4th grade teacher teaching 3rd grade this year!

I love Using Flip books! I have used flip books for fractions, exponents, equations. Inside of fraction flip book

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Magnets with the hula hoop so that it can be put up and down quickly between classes. Could make them for group activities

Fraction Addition Worksheets

Fraction addition worksheets contain adding proper, improper and mixed numbers with same (like) and different (unlike) denominators, visual addition and more.

Free Fraction Puzzles! …

Fraction Puzzles {FREE Download!}

Math puzzles are a fun way to practice tricky math concepts. Here are 2 math puzzles for kids that work on basic fraction concepts.

Here's a fun cookie fractions game to go along with the book THE DOORBELL RANG by Pat Hutchins.

Cookie Fractions (Modify to draw cookies) IN State Standard ART: Create a work of art utilizing concepts, subject matter, or the sign systems, such as words or numbers, of another discipline.