TeknOlsun: Yüzlerce metre yüksekte ve hamakta! Bu macerada yerinizi alın!

Extreme athletes rest in hammocks on webbings stretched between rocks during the International Highline Meeting in Monte Piana in the northern Italian Alps, Italy September (or crazy people hung out to dry)

Garmin EPIX | TeknOlsun

Garmin intros three smartwatches, all of them aimed at sports junkies

TeknOlsun: ALPACKALYPSE Köpüklü Su Packraftı

The Alapacka Raft Alpackalypse is one of the best rafts of the year and an inductee into the 2014

Ücretsiz İletişim Cihazı GOTENNA - TeknOlsun

goTenna is a new tech device that gives you the freedom to create your own network of communication without the need of satellites or towers from regular carriers. It enables you to even aggregate other goTenna users thus creating your own small comm

Muhteşem Kamp Sandalyesi | TREO CHAIR | TeknOlsun

Ultra Compact, Portable Camping Chair – The Treo™ Chair by Therm-a-Rest®

Snowmobile konsept | SNOWCRAWLER | TeknOlsun

The Snow Crawler is an Awesomely Innovative Snowmobile Concept

Buck Compadre Outdoor Seti | TeknOlsun

Buck Compadre Outdoor Tools is a new set developed by the 100 year old Buck Knives company, so we can be pretty sure they know their business.


Stomping around in the mud never felt so good with the 2015 Polaris RZR 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition. Thinking back to childhood, there was nothing that beat playin’ in the mud.

TeknOlsun: Adidas'ın yeni keçe botları | FELT

A new offering by Adidas are these winter hikers, named the Felt, the multi-tasking boots are crafted from Italian f

Subtech Pro Sırt Çantası - TeknOlsun

The Pro Drybag by Subtech is a waterproof and shockproof sport bag, perfect for adventurers carrying sensitive gear in extreme environments.

Can Yeleği Değil Can Bilekliği | KINGII - TeknOlsun

Drown Prevention Inflatable Wristband - Kingii The Preventive Drowning

Basınçlı Portatif Kamp Duşu | RINSEKIT - TeknOlsun

Basınçlı Portatif Kamp Duşu | RINSEKIT - TeknOlsun