The Asus Zenbo Home Robot

nice ASUS’ Zenbo robot walks, talks and controls your home

Uber is trying its first self-driving auto

Alphabet’s David Drummond leaves Uber’s board amid mounting competition

Pepper robot to open up to Android

Artificial intelligence is opening up a new era in which robots will help humans at work and in the home – but what will be the impact on jobs?

New answer to why Earth’s atmosphere became oxygenated

New answer to why Earth’s atmosphere became oxygenated

NASA telescope finds a record 1,284 new planets

An artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made so far by NASA's Kepler space telescope. Astronomers have discovered more planets beyond our solar system, with nine possibly in orb

India Rejects Google Street View Plan Over Security Concerns

India Rejects Google Street View Plan Over Security Concerns

Human Drone Taxi To Be Tested In Nevada

Ehang 184 drone - AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) is designed to carry a single human passenger, autonomously flying them from one location to another.

Future Secret Military Aircraft

Fictional military aircraft - The Talon is a near-future, single-seat…

South Korea Trials Wireless Seat Alerts For Pregnant Train Travellers

Before they show a baby bump, what some pregnant women in South Korea can expect when expecting is accusing glares when they take subway seats meant for pregnant, disabled or elderly passengers.

Scientists instruct robots to feel torment |

The real danger in AI isn’t the threat of robot overlords—it’s the field’s startling lack of diversity.

Foxconn’s workers instead of running robot 60000

Get Ready for High-Frequency Lawyers - Bloomberg View

Drone Star Wars

If you live in the United States and receive one of the drones expected to have been purchased this holiday season, be aware that the Federal Aviation

The First Drone Comes Xaomi

Mira-Tech RC Quadcopter with Gimbal Ghz Rc Helicopter Drone with HD FPV Real-Time Camera Compatible with VR Headset