Shrek the Third Birthday party

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the letters are made to look like children's toys, and have faces on them
a cake decorated with flowers and a teddy bear on top is sitting in front of a green background
Shrek & Gingy - CPC I'm A Believer Collaboration
there are many glasses lined up on the table to be filled with drinks and condiments
How to throw a 'Nerdy Thirty' Birthday Bash!
there is a cake that has been decorated to look like the character shrap
a table topped with lots of green balloons and desserts next to a wooden wall
Mesa dulces shrek
a three tiered cake is decorated with green leaves and the words merla on it
there is a cake that looks like a tree stump with leaves on it and frosting
Woodland Camping Tree Stump Cake
there is a cake that looks like a tree stump with the letter s on it
there is a birthday cake that looks like it has an image of the number three on it
Shrek Cake
a green cake with pink flowers and a monkey on the top is decorated in chocolate
Girls Cakes- Pop Culture — Frost Me Sweet
a cake with green icing and decorations on it that says kuttor 2
a cake decorated with green icing and flowers
Tinker Bell Birthday Cake Ideas Images (Pictures)