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massive spanner, what a cool bench.

LIKE/FAV for Paper Goodness! Can I borrow your pencil? Music Below: Here are the items you will need. 1. A number 2 pencil (Better if you get a 2B pencil from the art store) 2. A thick piece of paper 3. A single LED Graphite is a pretty terrible electric conductor but it works well enough to do some cool stuff with paper. We can actually make a fully working circuit as well as a flashlight using the 3 items above. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Make a Photon Flower That Lights Up When You Water It with Lemon Juice

Make a Photon Flower That Lights Up When You Water It with Lemon from Instructables

Wow. Cool magnet project for later years...

Science Fair-pinning this for later. Been doing projects for years but we seem to forget each time. I think we block it out actually. Not a science fair fan. Lol

Make a mechanical hand with plastic drinking straws

Mechanical Hand using only fast food straws - Straw Builder Project #1 5th Grade Human Body

Looks very interesting -- maybe try one with some concrete?

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Pop Pop "Ponyo" Boat Craft ... my kids would have a blast making this.. great rainy day project!

How to Build a Simple Electromagnetic Train

How to Build a Simple Electro-Magnetic Train

Propeller-Powered Car

Picture of Propeller-Powered Car