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Terme Bilgi

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Terme Bilgi
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LIKE/FAV for Paper Goodness! Can I borrow your pencil? Music Below:    Here are the items you will need.    1. A number 2 pencil (Better if you get a 2B pencil from the art store)  2. A thick piece of paper  3. A single LED    Graphite is a pretty terrible electric conductor but it works well enough to do some cool stuff with paper.  We can actually make a fully working circuit as well as a flashlight using the 3 items above. Check it out and let  us know what you think!

With this video tutorial from Household Hacker, you will learn how to make a functional circuit on paper. See how to make an LED light up with a lead-based paper circuit and how to (How To Make Good Videos)

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What is an Archetype? In some Pagan traditions - and in cultures all around the world - the word “archetype” is used to define a model of a person that stands as a symbol of a collection of traits.

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