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sweet blueberry biscuits on a baking sheet with text overlay that reads, sweet blueberry biscuits
Sweet Blueberry Biscuits
Sweet Blueberry Biscuits
an advertisement for cheeseburger pie with information about the toppings and ingredients on it
The Impossible Pie recipe book: 12 easy dinner recipes & desserts from 1982 - Click Americana
two slices of cake on top of lettuce and tomatoes with white frosting
Impossible taco pie recipe-1982
an advertisement for ice cream pie with cherries on the crust and cheese toppings
an advertisement for nestle's toll house pie on a plate with other items
Nestle Toll House Pie 1986
two pies on plates with one slice missing
Holiday praline delight pie & praline pie in a crunchy praline pie shell (1970s) - Click Americana
an advertisement for cherry breezee cheesecake on a plate
No-bake cherry cheesecake recipe step-by-step: A pretty & easy homemade cream cheese pie from the 1970s - Click Americana
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an advertisement for sweetie pie with cherries and cream on the crust, in front of a red background
Cherry cream pie: Classic dessert recipe from the 60s - Click Americana
an old recipe for strawberry shortcake with cream and strawberries
Strawberry Shortcake
an advertisement for nestles butterscotch yule log cookies with sweet and easy
Butterscotch yule log: A retro Christmas dessert recipe from the 60s - Click Americana
an advertisement for banana bread on a plate with bananas and other foods in the background
Banana Breeze no-bake pie (1974) - Click Americana
an advertisement for marble cake on a table with drinks and desserts in front of it
Marble Cake