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Simple firework tattoo.

3 tips for tattoo placement Tattoo Talk Tuesday Hello everyone is Qcknd and welcome back at Tattoo Talk Tuesday. If it is the first time that you accompany us: Tattoo Talk Tuesday is our weekly interactive question and answer video …

Second star to the right Peter Pan tattoo.

All the Fey take the tattoo when they come of age, but only the future king or queen wears it on his/her left shoulder. Everyone else wears it on their left wrist.

"Rattle the stars" Disney's Treasure Planet

the potential to enact genuine change in the world she lives in - she could topple empires, or revolutionize countries - and these sort of changes could be so dramatic and far-reaching that it might even “rattle the stars” ToG

Resultado de imagen de tatuaje arbol raices profundas

Tattoo on my ankle with the names of close family hidden in the branches and roots. Family tree of an Oak because of the studies my dad did on tree rings .