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25 Typographic Advertisements to Inspire Your Next Design – Design School I like this image because they made it so unique by blending and image of mountains into an ocean advertising and are representing how fresh and good the water is .

Pre eclampsia

Preeclampsia Survivor Shirt (Comes in Adult & Kid Sizes). Recognizing that we have been through the worse circumstances and come out the other side stronger and more compassionate. Have 2 weeks left in post partum stage!

preeclampsia pre-eclampsia symptoms signs

Preeclampsia is a deadly disease that can sneak up on a pregnant woman. These are the signs and symptoms you need to know.

read read read

kittynotakitty: “ kurolove: “ pie-overlord: “ yoannmichaux: “ When a child doesn’t read, imagination disappear. Literacy Foundation Ads by Gaetan Namouric ” I AGREE WITH THIS. sdflguij DAMN IT, READ.

Paradise in the future on Behance

Paradise in the future on Behance

Christmas Adventure. on Behance

Christmas Adventure proposals for a graphic string consists of three parts that focus on selling the 3 main prizes are Gopro and a Set of suitcases serious steps to live a Christmas adventure in the Islands Maldivas tools.