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a drawing of a flower in a circle with leaves on the top and bottom side
Stained Glass Patterns | Facebook
the pattern for an easy flower with instructions to make it in this step by step book
a colorful stained glass window with circles and squares on it's sides, as well as an abstract design
MQuinnalynnGlass - Etsy
three heart shaped paper pieces with bows and hearts in the middle, on top of each other
MQuinnalynnGlass - Etsy
an image of a coloring page with the words la luna in spanish and numbers on it
Whipped chain stitch
an old fashioned lantern is shown with instructions to make it look like it's in the
Patron pour vitrail - Lanterne - Vitrail Tiffany
a stained glass snail sitting on top of a plate
the diagram shows how to read music notes
a multicolored stained glass hanging on the wall
Stained Glass Quilts