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an image of airplanes that are flying in the sky with captioning words below
an airplane is shown in blue and white with diagrams on the bottom, below it
an aerial view of several airplanes parked on the tarmac at an airport, including one blue and white jet airliner
an airplane flying above the clouds with text reading how high do planes fly?
How High Do Planes Fly?
We’ve all looked up at the sky and seen airplanes flying high above our heads, looking like tiny specks in the sky. But how high do planes really fly?
an airplane with the words ruders on it is in front of another plane that's parked
Rudders On An Airplane: What Is It's Purpose?
Airplanes need all their systems to work with one another in order to fly, but some are tougher to understand than others. What does a rudder actually do?
what is the speed vito of the plane as it takes off? by alex costa
What Is The Speed Vto Of The Plane As It Takes Off?
The engines are roaring; the plane speeds down the runway gracefully, pitches up, and takes off. But what is the speed (VTO) of the plane as it takes off?
a man in an airplane with the caption what is a deadhead pilot? meaning & details
What Is a Deadhead Pilot? (Meaning & Details)
Deadheading is one of those odd terms that you might not know what it means. In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about deadhead pilots.
an airplane sitting on top of snow covered ground with the words 10 min read ways how & why planes crash
Ways How & Why Planes Crash
Plane crashes are undoubtedly the most devastating things that can happen in the aviation industry. How do they happen and why?