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/)^3^( Oh the feels!

Well that was the sound of my heart breaking. (A marvelous and heartbreaking fanfic from Lappe Lappe Lappe Lappe H ॐ )<--- noone reconicing loki holding mijonir?

Avengers Halloween, probably.

Avengers Halloween, probably. --- the deciding factor was who Steve chose to dress up as.he chose Nat.

True but I don't hate Sharon tho - just them being 'together'

True but I don't hate Sharon tho<< I don't hate Sharon (in fact I kind of like her) but the kiss between Stever and her was completely unnecessary and forced.

HE DID IT!! Jeremy Renner getting Chris Evans attention in a very amusing way.

Can we tae half a second to see how freaking hard Jeremy poked him and it barely made a dent.

Captain America + The Winter Soldier: (oh, fight me).

I've come to the conclusion that Bucky feels are never going away. I still watch it at least once a week XD