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Shoulder Tribal Tattoo Designs.... More

Tribal Sleeve tattoo design styles are big. They will engulf the whole leg or arm sleeve, so, they need a lot of prior planning. Many tribal sleeve tattoo designs are available there to select from.

This but without the angel. Maybe some Latin that looks to be inscribed on it

This particular knight will never be without his armor thanks to this beautiful tattoo done by Dmitry Bronya. It looks just like an armored shoulder pad and even has an angel etched into the armor plate. (Notice the scar & slashed armor!

Blackwork by Ben Volt

Did this pair of strong geometric and linear adornments for a very special woman. Clara, a retired pro boxer, activist, writer and world traveler is marking some major life changes with some bold symbols of empowerment.

Phoenix Tattoo Upper Back Phoenix tattoo on mans upper

The ancient lore of the Phoenix originated from Greek and communicates to a bird that cannot die. Here is the best collection of Phoenix Tattoos for you.