Sandy Soil

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Allium Gladiator bulbs - Height: tall 44"   (Plant 6-8" apart.) blooms Late Spring to Early Summer. Full Sun, Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy, Acidic, Clay. Flowers the size of a softball on 3-5' leafless stems. Plant in groups of 3 or more for best effect.

Allium Gladiator -- Bluestone Perennials

Allium Gladiator - Common name:Ornamental Onion - Large dense blooms of fuchsia, lilac and amethyst flowers the size of a softball, bloom atop 3-5' leafless stems. Allium Gladiator blooms are pleasantly fragrant and this plant is an easy and prolific addition to the garden. Plant in groups of three or more for best effect. 1 bulb per bag. Bulb size 20-22 cm.

Lavender’s natural habitat is the hot, sandy soil of Provence- so if you forget to water your plants, they’re even happier!  If you don’t have room for a garden, maybe you can find a little space for a pot of lavender near your front door.  Every time you brush by it, you’ll have the fabulous scent of Provence in the air.

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in the garden

in the garden

Russian Sage -hardy, grows well in sandy soil - deer fact they really never even sample it.

8 Fall-Blooming Native Plants You'll Love for Adding Late-Season Color to Your Garden

Native across much of North America, these perennials (and one shrub) bloom late in the season and often keep going until frost. Plant them throughout your landscape to extend the floral show, as well as provide food for many pollinators that are still out foraging until winter begins.

Campanula Poscharskyana  Siberian Bellflower  ,Groundcovers  Height: Short 6" (Plant 14" apart)  Bloom Time: Early Summer to Late Summer  Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Shady  Zones: 3-8   Find Your Zone  Soil Condition: Normal, Clay  Flower Color / Accent: Blue / Blue  Half trailing, prostrate growth, able to cling to dry walls. Large rock gardens or sandy banks permit the 2' stems to trail.

Campanula Poscharskyana -- Bluestone Perennials

Half trailing, prostrate growth, able to cling to dry walls. Large rock gardens or sandy banks permit the stems to trail. Starry blue flowers of Campanula Poscharskyana highlight your garden in summer.

Baptisia Australis -- Bluestone Perennials

2010 Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year. Mounds of clover-like blue green foliage is the base for the blue-lavender, lupine-like flowers in early summer. Baptisia Australis has dark seed pods formed in fall that are a good counterpoint in cut flower arrangements. A carefree plant.

Mixed Carpet Phlox ~~ Semi-evergreen leaves quickly form a dense, floral ground cover in early to mid spring. Grows only 2-6" high with a neat creeping habit. Best in full sun. Ideal in a rock garden, as a low-growing border, or around a lamppost or mailbox. Thrives anywhere, even in poor, dry, sandy soil where other ground covers fail. Space 12-18" apart

Phlox for Sale at Spring Hill Nurseries

Discover colorful phlox plants at Spring Hill. Creeping phlox is perfect as an appealing ground cover, and tall phlox is perfect for beds or borders.

Kalmia Mt. Laurel Our most gorgeous native woodland plant Great as a shady understory planting loves the acidic sandy Long Island soil

Connecticut State Flower | Mountain Laurel

Connecticut designated mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) as the official state flower in 1907; also called ivybush, calico bush, sheep laurel, lambkill, clamoun, and spoonwood.

I WANT I WANT I WANT...    Dicentra Burning Hearts   Fern-Leaved Bleeding Heart   Height: Short 10-12" / Plant 12" apart   Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Fall     Sun-Shade: Half Sun/ Half Shade to Full Shade     Zones: 3-9   Get Your Zone   Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy, Acidic     Flower Color / Accent: Rose / White

Bluestone Perennials

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Rudbeckia Henry Eilers - Tall 4-5' (Plant 24" apart),   Blooms Early Summer to Early Fall;  Full Sun; Zones 4-8;   Soil: Normal, Sandy; $9.95

Rudbeckia Henry Eilers -- Bluestone Perennials

Lemony yellow flowers look like *asterisks* on 4-5' plants. Really punctuates the back of a border. The yellow rays on the blossoms of Rudbeckia Henry Eilers are rolled instead of flat and give a quilled effect. Blooms in clusters on strong branching stems.

Gorgeous plumes on this Purple Love Grass. Tolerant of sandy soil and coastal wind, this is a winner for a seacoast garden. From Bluestone Perennials.

Eragrostis Spectabilis -- Bluestone Perennials

Eragrostis Spectabilis - Common name:Purple Love Grass - Clouds of pink, tiny seed heads swarm over 10" mat of twisty green foliage, creating a cloud of color from a distance. The light green foliage of Eragrostis Spectabilis paints the fall garden in shades of reddish bronze.

Calycanthus x Venus Venus Sweetshrub, Strawberry Shrub, Spicebush Type: Shrubs Height: Tall 5' (plant 5-6' apart) Bloom Time: early summer and appear intermittently thru the season Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Shady  Zones: 5-8  Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy  Flower Color / Accent: White / White

Calycanthus Venus -- Bluestone Perennials

Large, magnolia-like white flowers with yellow and purple central markings are delightfully fragrant in early summer and appear intermittently thru the season. Glossy green foliage matures to a golden yellow in autumn. An exciting new introduction in Sweetshrubs. An underused beauty.