Damita. Parecida a la de mamá

The tissue paper patterns were given away free with magazines and you would iron them on to fabric and start sewing. I kept my embroidery silks in a round petticoat tails shortbread tin.

delantal 29

children's apron pattern - use white fabric, then have the kids decorate them. Let them dry overnight and the next day USE them to bake!

Flores em bordado 3D

Embroidery 35 inspiring images of one of the main trends for 2015 2016 / Fashion Party Part 1

Erkek cocuk yelegi

🙃 { Erkek yelek } İp Schachenmayr Bravo Originals Şiş no Ön başlangıç sayısı 35 Kol…」

resimhobi: Kuş Resimleri

LLC Wall Clock, 13 by "Catherine Klein Blue Tit or Chickadee Birds Nest-Vintage Painting Copy-Sweet Little Bird Art"