Bookshelves Shaped Like Superhero Logos Add A Special Flair To Any Secret Lair

Now this I would proudly hang in any room! "Bookshelves Shaped Like Superhero Logos Add a Special Flair to Any Secret Lair - My Modern Met"

Blackout Blinds Provide Illusion Of Living Above A Huge City

Ukrainian designers, HoleRoll, are turning everything we thought about standard (and mostly ugly) blackout shades on its head with their fun new offering.

Vibrant Photos Immortalize The Ornate Windows Of Russia Before They Disappear

Vibrant Photos Immortalize the Ornate Windows of Russia Before They Disappear

Quirky Cassette Tape Coffee Tables Add A Touch Of Nostalgia To Any Room

Quirky Cassette Tape Coffee Tables Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Any Room - My Modern Met

Apartment Owners Install A Winding Slide To Bring The Playground Indoors

Playground-Inspired Apartments - Ki Design's Apartment With a Slide Concept References Childhood (GALLERY)

You Can Strap This Spiral Staircase Onto Any Tree Without Tools

CanopyStair is the brainchild of designers Thor ter Kulve and Rob McIntyre and consists of modular stairs that can be attached to a tree without any tools or damage to the tree. It even has a handrail so you.

Who wants to sit in one of these chunky knit chairs really bad? 🙋🏻

Who wants to sit in one of these chunky knit chairs really bad?

Woman Uses 13,000 Pennies To Renovate Old Floor And Turn It Into Stunning Patterns

Wondering what to do with that jar of pennies collecting dust in the back of your cupboard? Well, we've finally found a good use for them thanks to Tonya

Hand-Painted Tights Create The Illusion Of Striking Tattoos Inked On Your Legs

TATUL is a “tattoo tights” shop where you can get exactly what you need. These tattoo tights feature hand-painted motifs over nude-colored stockings.

Bringing the ocean inside!

Alexandre Chapelin is a designer with LA Table , and his Lagoon Series of tables is a celebration of the natural beauty of our planets endless oceans.

Porcelain Vessels Pummeled In Unfortunate Accidents By Laurent Craste

Porcelain Vessels Pummeled in Unfortunate Accidents by Laurent Craste Montreal-based artist Laurent Craste

New Magnetized Planters Allow Your Garden To Levitate In The Air

Simon Morris is a scientist from Sweden who has creative a rather striking invention – levitating plant pots. Featuring common types of plant life .