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Being spiritual means to be loving and kind, first to yourself, and then towards others. Being spiritual means, you care about the planet, the animals you…
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a piece of paper with a poem written on it that says never dissect your gutt insinct
Never Discredit Your Gut Instinct - Spiritual Quotes
Trust your gut instinct because your body has the ability to sense the wrongs surrounding you!#TrustYourInstincts #BadVibesAwareness #TrustYourIntuition
a drawing of a skull with the words three eyes two to look one to see
Three Eyes - Spiritual Quotes - The Minds Journal
Third eye resembles your sixth sense. It picks up energy and the truth that can escape your other two eyes.
an open book with some writing on it's page and the words in english
The Power Of Words - Najwa Zebian Quotes - The Minds Journal
Your words can set fire and your words can put that out. So, choose your words carefully when you speak!
an open book with writing on it and the words to attract better, you have to become better
To Attract Better, You Have To Become Better
Your personality and traits help you to attract more people towards you! Transform your mindset to witness change.
an open book with the words higher consciousness hack written in different colors and font on it
Higher Consciousness Hack For A Peaceful Life
Your peace of mind is in your hands
two hands reaching towards each other with the words i may not know everything, but i know
I May Not Know Everything, But I Know Energy - Iman Quotes
Intuition is a gift from nature that can help us survive and dodge dangers. Vibes never lie, energy is a clear communication and what you pick up can definitely mean something.
there is no self - development without self - awareness, self - awareness leads to self - constipitity you can read as many books as you like, but if you're unable to read
There Is No Self-development Without Self-awareness
There Is No Self-development Without Self-awareness
an image of a poem written in the style of a boat on water with mountains in the background
The Conscious Act Of Slowing Down - Spiritual Quotes
Ever slowed down and felt the joy of every moment? 🌿
a cartoon drawing with the words mind journal written on it and an image of two people hugging
Your Intuition Tries To Reach You - Thought Cloud
Your intuition will always guide you on the right path. Remember that.
a piece of paper with an image of a bird on it and the words legend has it that if you forget something when leaving the house and return to retrieve it
Your Guardian Angel Is Intervening To Delay And Protect You
Ever paused to thank your guardian angel for those delays?
an old book with cats on it's page and the words cats are healers
Cats Are Healers - Mental Health Quotes - The Minds Journal
No one can relate to this better than a cat parent. 🐈
Stop seeking approval from others. Vintage, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Connection
You Engage Too Much In Outside Validation - Wim Hof Quotes
Stop seeking approval from others.
a hand reaching up into the air with text that reads, i read a quote that said
The Universe Will Never Give You Peace - Spiritual Quotes
The universe is on your side.💫
a woman's profile with the words she's an alchemist, everything sent to destroy her only made her more ra ages and more powerful
She's An Alchemist - Strong Women Quotes - The Minds Journal
Tag the one you wish to see shining brightly in her future.
an open book with a quote on the page that says, healing is a process of picking up your pieces, starting into each one and whispering you are worthy, come back
Healing Is A Process - Spiritual Quotes - The Minds Journal
You can't grow without healing. 💫