Turkish Miniature Painting. "The Sultans watching dancers and comedians in the Hippodrome" (1703-30)

From the 1720 Surname-i Vehbi by Levni, who died in The dancers in the long skirts are köçek, young males, whose entaris are tucked into their skirts.

Levni-Surname-i Vehbi-1720

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Ottoman miniature - Matrakçı Nasuh

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“This map of Ottoman cartographer Matrakçı Nasuh shows us a real shining city on a hill.

The Third Court of the Topkapi Palace-1584-Hünername-Nakkaş Osman

Topkapi Sarayi in time of Selim I-left.Topkapı Sarayı in the time of Selim I-right side of the image.

Ottoman miniature painting 1720

Janissaries marching to Mehter martial tunes played by the Mehterân military band. Ottoman miniature painting, from the Surname-i Vehbi at the Topkapı Palace Museum in Istanbul. Janissaries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Gardens made of sculpted sugar being carried at the festivities celebrating the…

Mehmed II. tritt 1451 seine erneute Herrschaft in Edirne an. (Miniatur aus dem Hüner-nāme)

Accession of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror in Edirne (Ottoman Empire) (Hunername CE Ottoman Miniature Painting))