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A home transformed by Norman Foster. This North London home, which was designed by Norman Foster and Patty Hopkins in 1968 with a good deal of input from the owner, journalist Ron Hall is on the market for £2.45m. A conversion story with a difference!

A home transformed by Norman Foster

One of the best pieces of domestic design in north London is tucked away behind an archway on Pond Street in Hampstead. It isn’t listed and isn’t on the Open House circuit, but it’s architecturally

Why more families are extending into the loft (attic) to win the space race

Going upstairs for extra space in your home

The mansion tax effect is raising interest in loft conversions, but, for the moment, this refurbishment remains most popular among families who need space, but cannot afford the next rung on the

A guide to basement conversions

The threat to basement projects

Mansion tax has been the talk of the Tory conference this week, with Boris Johnson blasting the Labour plan as “utterly iniquitous” and damaging. If it ever sees the light of day, the tax on homes

How a wreck of a building - that was classified as "At Risk" - was transformed into a beautiful £1million home

Risky business: falling in love with a romantic property in ruin

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a property on the verge of dilapidation and indulged in the romantic reverie of rescuing the building, you will understand why some people take on the challenge of

Beware of council planning rules when renovating a listed building. Read our cautionary tale

The troubled tale of a listed house makeover

Many people cherish the dream of restoring a dilapidated listed property. However, the reality of the process can be harsh, especially as even small projects, such as painting a wall, may require

A 10 per cent increase in floor space adds 5 per cent to the price of a typical house, while adding space equivalent to the size of a typical double bedroom to a two-bedroom house can add around 11 per cent to its value.

Add extra space to increase the value of your home

The Easter weekend is usually the time when thoughts turn to spring cleaning and sprucing up the home. Over the next few days, DIY stores will be rammed full of people looking to redecorate, refit

Your guide to upcycling and recycling furniture

The upcycling craze: new furniture for old

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. My own dedication to restoring, recycling and re-purposing furniture and fabrics is certainly driven by thrift and a limited budget — but it also

The five things you need to have in your DIY tool box or tool kit

Five essential DIY tools

Declan Curran, the founder of the property repair company HomeFix Direct, gives his guide to the essential tools you need for DIY: 1. If you’re on a tight budget fear not — Homebase stocks an

How to buy a cut price home (like this one) at auction

How to buy a house at auction

Going once, going twice . . . sold! For an increasing number of buyers these words are marking the moment when property ownership becomes a reality. With prices continuing to rise househunters looking

Rooftop terraces and gardens not only provide an oasis of calm in city and town centres, but will also more than pay for themselves

Why a roof terrace adds value to your home

They are the ultimate refuge from the stresses of city life, create new outdoor space for entertaining in style and can raise the value of a property in a town or city by as much as a fifth. Little

From painting the woodwork to clearing the guttering - the DIY jobs that can save you cash

Easy maintenance jobs that will save you money

Nothing is easier than putting off maintenance work on your home, but taking a little time to stop trouble before it starts can save thousands of pounds in tradesmen’s bills. Now is the ideal time to

Side return: building on the neglected area between houses can increase the value of a property by up to 10 per cent

Side returns add more than space

If you’re planning on improving rather than moving, building a side-return is a great way to carve out a larger footprint for your home. These features are so in demand that they can add more value

Turning flats into houses (and vice versa) makes for a tax efficient renovation. Take a look at these examples

Want a big house? Buy a flat ...

Buying a family house for the price of a flat sounds too good to be true but, for those who already own a flat in a converted house, it could be a reality — given time. “I advise people looking to