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a fireplace with flowers painted on it and the words, diy floral fireplace mural
DIY Mural - Mexican Embroidery Style
DIY Mural - Mexican Embroidery Style by Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica. Yes, you can paint a beautiful mural on your wall.
the cover of a guide to latin american textiles, with an image of colorful fabrics
A guide to Latin American Textiles
There are 33 Latin American countries and many are known for their beautiful textiles. Here is an overview to learn about them!
Pastel sunset ☀️
Pastel sunset oil painting, full tutorial on YouTube #oiloncanvas #oilpainting #oilpainter #art #artvideo #oilpaintingart
a drawing of a skull with the words skull drawing on it and an image of a skeleton
Skull Drawing Tutorial Video
Drawing a skull is a great way to improve portrait drawing skills. Learn the underlying anatomy of the head and how to accurately depict proportions, depth and form with our tutorial. 🎨 #skulldrawing #skulldrawingtutorial #drawingtutorial #drawing #pencildrawing #anatomydrawing #portraitdrawing #academicdrawing #loomismethod
a woman with curly hair is making a funny face in front of a blue background
Why you shouldn’t make art *every* day: focusing on this (instead) changed my life.
Why you shouldn’t make art every day: focusing on this (instead) changed my life. People often say you should make art every day. But what if I told you that’s not exactly true? What if, instead, you should set a minimum expectation for making art?
two pictures with the words sharpen your pencil like an artist and video tutorial
Sharpen Your Pencil Like a Pro: Video
A video tutorial of how to sharpen your pencil with a knife, like a pro artist! #DrawingTips #SharpPencil #SharpenYourPencil #HowtoSharpenaPencil #ArtTutorial #ArtVideo #Drawing #DrawingVideo #DrawingTutorial #PencilArt #DrawingSupplies
an easy drawing technique for beginners to learn how to draw roses
How to Draw a Rose
How to draw a rose with pencil. This easy rose drawing tutorial shows the steps to create a realistic flower sketch. #rosedrawing #drawing #drawingtutorial #rose #sketch #drawingtips #beginnerdrawing #art
a woman is drawing on an easel with the text, learn to draw realistic portraits for beginners
Drawing Course
In this course, learn the fundamentals of drawing, from essential techniques, to methods that enable you to advance your portrait drawing skills. Learn from master copies and classical sculture drawings. #drawingcourse #artcourse #drawing #art #artist #draw
a poster with the words learn to draw like a pro and an image of a person's hand holding a pencil
Learn to Draw Like a Pro
The Drawing Fundamentals Course covers basic to advanced techniques, offering a structured learning path to build confidence and refine drawing skills, with a focus on realistic portrait creation. Featuring timeless references and flexible learning options, this course enables artists to discover and enhance their artistic strengths while working at their own pace. #DrawingCourse #ArtCourse #Drawing #Art #DrawingTutorial #OnlineCourse #ArtTutorial #PencilArt #DrawingTips #LearnDrawing
a shadow box with the words silverware tray turned shadow box
Silverware Tray DIY Shadow Box
Top Podcasts for Artists Collab, Creative, Artist, Sony, Discover, Art Blog, Podcasts, Thought Provoking, Top Podcasts
Discover Your Inspiration: Artists' Top Podcast Picks
Discover the power of podcasts for artists and how they can inspire, teach, and transform your creative journey. Get ready to unlock your artistic potential with our top-recommended podcasts! Find out more. @drawingwithpri
an advertisement with the words, overcoming comparison how to unleash your artistic potential
Break Free From The Culture Of Comparison: 4 Steps To Celebrating Your Unique Voice
Today I want to talk about the way we live in comparison as creators and how to break free from this culture of comparison. I’m going to share one possible plan you can use step-by-step next time you need to break out of the culture of comparison. But I encourage you to adapt this to your personality, interests, etc. which may mean iterating a few times, and adjusting the steps as you use them.
charcoal drawing tips for beginners with text overlaying the image and below it
Charcoal Drawing Tips for Beginners
How to start charcoal drawing and how to improve your skills as an artist. Find techniques and tips to get started. #charcoal #charcoalpencil #charcoalart #charcoalsketch #art #artist #drawing
Types of varnish to preserve your art on Paint Pouring Medium, Oil Cloth, Acrylic Paint On Wood, High Gloss, Pebble Painting, Techniques, Plaster Art
Types of varnish for acrylic paint
Preserve your beautiful art! Here are types of varnish for acrylic paint that I use and love.
sketch birds easily art tutorial Sketches, Draw, Drawings, Easy, Sketches Easy, Simple Shapes, Tekenen, Art Tutorials, Bird Sketch
Quick and Easy Way of Sketching Birds
Does sketching birds intimidate you? In this art tutorial, we will break down drawing birds into simple shapes to make it simple and easy. We will focus on the overall structure of a bird and avoid the details for quick sketching. We will focus on proportions and structure to build our foundations of drawing. - via @drawingwithpri