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a bag wrapped in burlock under a christmas tree
Wrap a pool noodle along your Christmas Tree stand, wrap it in burlap and secure it with a ribbon. Instant rootball!
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in plants and greenery
Libby Brittain
garland in doorframe
christmas decorations are hanging on the banisters
Sweetheart Moments: Creative Christmas Card Displays
a star is hanging on the wall next to a black trash can and some pictures
Christmas card display
christmas cards are hanging on the banisters in front of the stairs with evergreen garland and pine cones
Oh, Christmas Cards!
Christmas card display
a table topped with a vase filled with flowers next to a wall covered in pictures
Christmas Card Display Ideas
Christmas cards display
three wine glasses sitting next to each other on a shelf with christmas decorations in the background
Decorating the Mantle.. Well Decorating the Window Sill!
Christmas Trees
the cover of pinterest party christmas edition, with pictures of wreaths and decorations
Pinterest Christmas Party! - Printables & Craft Project | Kara's Party Ideas
Lots of christmas ideas!
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with writing on it and a red ribbon
Preserve your child's Christmas list in an ornament every year.
christmas decorations and presents are featured in this collage with the words 25 holiday diy ideas from ikea | The official home for all things Disney
DIY : 25 Holiday Decor Tricks + DIYs to Take Home from IKEA
an open door with the reflection of a house in it's glass front door
Red Ribbon + Moss Monogram = Christmas Decor