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Richard Henry – Unmayyad Pattern Islamic Geometric Designs Thought id post this for people who want to know how to sketch these amazing patterns :) im buying this book… Click:.

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Islam by using basic Euclidean geometric forms and by removing certain line portions and overlapping of lines was able to create intricate geometric .

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Arabic Calligraphy By ONE-BH , Ebrahim Jaffar , ONE-AR

✍ Sensual Calligraphy Scripts ✍ initials, typography styles and calligraphic art -Ebrahim Jaffar , ONE-AR

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30 inspiring calligraphy works

✍ Sensual Calligraphy Scripts ✍ initials, typography styles and calligraphic art -

la illaha il Allah, Muhammad ur rasool Allah

"لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله" Kelime-i Tevhîd - "Allah'tan başka ilah yoktur ve Muhammed (aleyhisselâm) Allah'ın rasûlüdür(elçisi, peygamberidir).

99 Names of Allah SWT Handcrafed 3D calligraphy Modern Islamic Art. Islamic wall art. Islamic gift. Arabic calligraphy

Handcrafted 99 Names of Allah (small). Modern Islamic Art. Islamic Art. Islamic gift. Islamic Calligraphy, Islamic Art Decor

Title of Work: Handcrafted 99 Names of Allah Date created: N/A Date accessed: 7 March 2016 This piece was made using paint, glue, wood, and mdf board. It is a beautiful and intricate wall plaque representing the 99 Names of Allah.

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