Mount Nemrut, South-east of Turkey

Nemrut statue heads Turkey from the Nemrut area around Century bc

Turkish tea cups

Turkish tea cups ~ Turkey is where I acquired my love for black tea.

bellezze turche

Bold eye looks are essential in Middle Eastern makeup. Eye make up in the Middle East is also very popular due to the subtance that they use called Kohl belived to be useful in protection from eye disease and from the harsh sun.


Most traditional way is making simit plane with very simple dough. Turkish people usually enjoy it Turkish tea.

buongiorno Istanbul

İstanbul with seagull .

Turkish Food - Hamsi Ekmek.

Hamsi (Anchovy) Sandwich - Recreating A Favourite Istanbul Street Food At Home In Fethiye

We knew the first thing we would do in Istanbul would be to eat a hamsi ekmek. But we were we made our own version of an anchovy sandwich at home.