No names are better than this.Only by saying it, it just feel strong in our heart. Ya Allah Ya Rab spilling out everyhting to You is the best thing in the world. Because I know only You are The All Knowing.Let me be in your path.

Oya Güray ile Tezhip Sanatı --TR

the word 'tezhip,' meaning 'goldening' in Arabic, is a luminous and attractive manuscript art.

the process of creating. The simple and elegant layout is stunning, but seeing the gradual addition of the details is breathtaking!

Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (23 photos)

This would be something that I think Emily would create. It has the Islamic patterns which she values. It has all of this culture in it but it is modern at the same time.


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Nice reminder to say "alHamduliLah" after eating/drinking for the kitchen/dining area :)

Irada Islamic Wall Art Presents: Islamic art: "Eat, Drink, and Praise" Islamic wall decal placed in a small dining room.

DIY Paper mosque lantern – Free printable! Ramadan crafts.

Salaam Aleikum, I hope your not tired of my Ramadan crafts yet ; ) Alhamdulillah this craft project turned out just like I pictured it, making those Ramadan nights even more beautiful.

MashAllah' arabic calligraphy.  Islamic art canvas on Etsy, $85.56

Items similar to MashAllah' arabic calligraphy. Islamic art canvas on Etsy

Nizam Al-Nuqat: traditional Arabic calligraphy

Arabic Glyphs Proportions and Guidlines

Ayat Kursi, Quran, Square Kufic style, Modern Arabic calligraphy, Modern Islamic Art – Simply Impressions -- Simply Impressions ( ---- Wall Decorations  ---- Wall Decals $50

Ayat Kursi In Square Kufic With Bismillah

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from probably white, Lovely arabic calligraphy tea cups, we need to see more of those contemporary eastern inspired product design