Tülay Erenoğlu

Tülay Erenoğlu

Tülay Erenoğlu
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cube architecture model - Google Search

Virtual Cube cm by Miquel Lloret, via Behance

cube modules | Popupology | Flickr

cube modules by elod beregszaszi

Master of colour. In the desert by Paul Klee (1879-1940, Switzerland)

Master of colour. In the desert by Paul Klee Switzerland). Atmospheric quality of an empty landscape is evoked without any direct representational reference. Mastery of color

Bauhaus Fish by Paul Klee, 1921 More

Bauhaus Fish by Paul Klee, 1921 . How did he make a simple repeated shape more interesting than a plain outline?

Monument in Fertile Country 1929 by Paul Klee

Monument in Fertile Country, 1929 - Paul Klee (Paul Klee Foundation, Kunstmuseum, Berne)

Composition design, G liulian on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Dm3vO

ArtStation - Composition design, G liulian

carl kleiner

Carl Kleiner :: Have the totem changing - twist or move inside - like a kaleidoscope?

Bamboo Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Bamboo Hyperbolic Paraboloid

IMG_1365.JPG (1500×1500)

IMG_1365.JPG (1500×1500)

Parametric cubic

Parametric cubiccan be used for light and sculpture combination of pipe and concreete blocks