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a man and woman holding hands while standing next to each other
Keşke biride bnm ellerimi boyle ısıtsa
a man and woman looking at an apple
Nefes ve Tahir 'in eğlenceli anları
two men sitting next to each other in the water
Sen anlat karadeniz ❤NefTah❤
a man and two children eating food from a woman's mouth while sitting at a table
En güzel aşklar muhlama ile başlar
a man and woman are smiling while looking at something on their cell phone in front of them
Nefes ❤tahir
a man and woman sitting on the ground in front of a building with their arms around each other
Nikki shikaliyeva ➹ #sak #senanlatkaradeniz #neftah #nefes #tahir #series #ulastunaastepe #iremhelvacıoglu
four different pictures of people eating food and talking on their cell phones in the same photo
dünya'nın en güzel kadını on Instagram: “Benzerlikk @iremhlvcioglu @ulasastepe”
a man wearing glasses making a surprised face with his mouth wide open in front of the camera
Tatlı şey seni
a woman wearing a blue hat and holding a cell phone in her right hand while smiling at the camera
Nefes Kaleli(zorlu)
a man and woman are smiling while holding their hands up in front of the camera
sen anlat karadenizim
a watercolor painting of two people hugging each other
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ale derler Twitter'da: "“ama benim sana ihtiyacım var” #NefTah… "