A true reminder, as we easily forget or overlook sometimes!!!/NZI

Don't rush your salah for anything, because you're standing in front of the one who is in charge of whatever you're rushing for.

CAN ANY ONE REFUSE THIS ??? THINK !!! Yesterday thousands of people are passed away from this world.. Even today Many people are expired & tomorrow many people are going to expire.. IT MEANS INDEED WE BELONG TO ALLAH AND INDEED TO HIM WE WILL RETURN.. REMEMBER YOUR DEATH EVERYDAY & NIGHT YOU MAY BE NEXT !!! THINK WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY ?? DON'T CHEAT YOUR SELF GET BACK TO THE RIGHT PATH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.. THINK THINK & THINK !!! #Allah #Quran #Hadith #islam #peace #life #love…

"Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajeoon" Quran To Allah we belong and to Allah we return. How can Life hurt us if we really, really believe this.

God hears your hearts intention, before your lips whisper your request. <3

“The hidden shirk, it is more difficult to detect than a black ant on a black rock on the blackest part of the night. let's purify our intention


The beauty of Islam is that it’s never too late to ask Allah for forgiveness but we also have to remember you never know when you’ll die.

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Makkah is the city that never sleeps. For Details and Hajj & Umrah Tickets…

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