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Random Pictures Of The Day 61 Pics

Delta flight landing in Atlanta yesterday afternoon.The lightning passed through the metal exterior and exited from the right landing gear (clearly visible). No one pants likely required for most of the passengers. Photo via goldboxatl.

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Bombardier Global Express

In an industry where demands and expectations are high, luxury and excellence becomes the standard. Yachting Pages spoke to Dustin Dryden, CEO of leading aviation company to understand the increasing demands when flying.

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BOEING 7 SERIES LINEUP Photograph by Boeing This photo, taken in was the first time Boeing had every airplane in the same place (not counting the 787 which wasn't in service yet).

Herc crossing the road

Hercules crossing the road ( why did the Hercules cross the road ? To land on the nearby landing strip of course ! ) ( lol ) 😨😨😨Dude this is so crazy it rates on the awesome scale 😲😲😲